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Topic: Question about hardcore guitarlicks library

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    Question about hardcore guitarlicks library

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    hi all,

    i have a question and i would be really happy if some of you would just give me some opinions here ...

    i am plannin or better i am currently in the process of a hardcore guitar library based on licks. so basically something like stormdrum but just with heavy hardcore guitar licks, well better would be not to say licks, but kinda rhythm loops.

    i know there are tons of guitar libraries out there and all are very good til excellent. every genre or style of guitar is nearly saturated (or at least available).

    so again, i just don't want to create another guitar library but a collection of hardcore riffs in the style of korn, linkin park, fear factory etc.

    i think that real played guitars always sound better than guitars produced out of single notes with the sequencer etc. and due to the fact that the guitar is more or less a solo instrument (i mean that it doesn't play in an ensemble of 14 guitar players like violins etc ... tho it would sound funny maybe) i think it could be useful to have just full blown and real played tons of licks.

    as an example i put up a little demo with one of the licks called "tones of bones" in accompany with stylus, drumkits from hell and a rmx loop.

    my personal opinion is that always real played stuff sounds better than constructed, especially in the style of industrial, hardcore or other rock/metal genre, because it is hard to put all the dirt, dust and noise into samples.

    okay, here is the link and it would be cool to hear your opinions
    Tones of bones - Guitarlibrary Example

    thanks for reading!

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    Re: Question about hardcore guitarlicks library

    Hi Alex,

    This sounds great! As a non-guitarist I'm always looking for good guitar samples, both multisamples and phrases and this looks like something I'd be interested in. Keep us posted on your progress, I'll definitely keep an eye out for this.



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