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Topic: With an open mind

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    Question With an open mind

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    I've tried to look at this document with an open mind and no prejudices.



    I have no comments, but I wish to share it with you


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    Re: With an open mind

    I've seen similar footage - someone lent us a DVD - including the firemen talking about the explosions going off. It makes you wonder, but I'd like to know whether there aren't plausible explanations for that.

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    Re: With an open mind

    I haven't heard any. But would like to know if there are some.

    Wonder if we'll know any more about this a hundred years from now?
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    Re: With an open mind

    The puffs of smoke from the windows just below the failure line make sense to me. I would imagine that the floors would fail before the walls and the main structure. (That's why we stand in doorways during earthquakes.) Let's say the failure line is on the 50th floor, but the floors have failed down to the 48th floor. As the 48th floor is filled with tons of material, the pressure goes up and the windows pop.

    Also, part of the premise is that it was a timed demolition. The puffs of smoke were somewhat random, rather than occurring symmetrically and synchronously.

    That's not to say that there's not more to the story than has been told.

    Regardless, it was a sad and sobering day.


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