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Topic: OT: Live gigging forum ...

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    OT: Live gigging forum ...

    OT, but ...

    Just wondering if anyone thinks there's a need for the addition of a live gigging forum for those using softsynths outside the studio.


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    Re: OT: Live gigging forum ...

    Well, I'd be interested. I play live at home now with soft samplers, but am thinking about trying to gig with a softsampler setup. I'd be interested in how it works for other people, the problems they have, etc. The large sample libraries available would sound better then the built in sounds of most keyboards. Intstead of somewhat cheesy horns that you think sound 'pretty good', you could take that sound quality up a couple levels with Gigastudio or Kontakt and some good libraries. It might make quite an impression when playing live.

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    Re: OT: Live gigging forum ...

    I wouild definitely find that useful - I have been trying for some time now to get a gig rig that has the power...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: OT: Live gigging forum ...

    I'll be playing a gig live this weekend: Waynestock.

    Okay, Wayne is just my friend's brother-in-law who has some property and is throwing a party, but there should be a couple of hundred people there.

    Okay, in this case I'm just rendering background tracks from Giga to be played as audio, and will just play piano/organ/rhodes from my keyboard. I'm going to be busy enough trying to handle the cues, the mix and some new equipment, so I'm foregoing Giga live - this time.

    A live forum section would be cool. It might bring in some new characters, and would have a different perspective than the studio side of things.


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