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Topic: Giga Crashes With Pedal...Help!

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    Giga Crashes With Pedal...Help!

    Anyone know how to fix this problem? My Giga 3 crashes (locks up completely) when playing a piano sample and I apply the foot pedal. It's only when I apply the pedal, otherwise everything runs fine.

    The master keyboard is a Korg 01W/Pro, midi out to a Unitor 8 midi breakout box, then into my Giga PC through a Wave Center PCI card midi input.

    Anyone have this problem? Can you help me?


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    Re: Giga Crashes With Pedal...Help!

    My guess is that you're playing GigaPiano II, which has embedded GigaPulse for up/down pedal samples. When you press the pedal, it has to switch things around. If your processor is already at its limits, then the pedal can cause a crash.

    What does your CPU meter say before the crash occurs? Does this happen with, say, the Post Bos290 demo piano (which doesn't have GigaPulse)?


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    Re: Giga Crashes With Pedal...Help!

    Thanks! That was it. It does not crash with the Post Bos290. You're a bloody genius Jon!

    Thanks again,

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    Re: Giga Crashes With Pedal...Help!

    Glad to have helped! Hopefully you can upgrade/streamline your PC at some point and enjoy some GigaPulse on your pianos.

    Search on the word "tweaks" here and you'll find some things you can do to juice your PC.


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