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Topic: Stylus rmx and my g4

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    Stylus rmx and my g4

    Hi there,

    I just installed the new version of Stylus rmx on my external firewire drive because my system disk on my G4 is almost full. However, when I run the stylus plugin with DP 4.6, it slows the program way down. I even printed all my tracks and when I use more than one loop at a time, it starts distorting. Is my computer too slow? I just increased my ram to 1.25GB. Plus my processor is 867 MHz. Or is it not a good idea to have the samples for stylus on another an external drive? I know it's possible to do that though because during installation, it asked if you'd like to place the samples on an external drive.

    Do I need to wait until I have a G5 for this plug in to work? It says in the website that it can even work on a G3? What's the deal? Is the hard drive just not keeping up maybe?


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    Re: Stylus rmx and my g4

    Look at the spec for multitimbral use...it says 1ghz G4 recommended.

    Single timbral (one part) use will work with slower machines.


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