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Topic: Logic Audio & Gigasampler?

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    Logic Audio & Gigasampler?

    I am working with Logic Audio Platinum (yes it is the best sequencer if you might wonder..)
    I would like to know if I can use
    Giga Sampler with this. I think I can but are there any other Logic & GS users out there who could give me their opinion about this.



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    Re: Logic Audio & Gigasampler?

    yes i am using Giga with Platinum however i\'ve got the GS on a separate pc. I think this is best, however, papachalk has been using GS with VST with good results so im sure that the same will apply with Logic.

    \"GS endless wave\"...comes up as a option in your toolbox where you assign midi to whatever midi interfaces you have so you will not need to worry about using another midiport..it will create one for you.

    The only issue you might have is really your sound card. If your using something that has an on board synth and you utilize this synth taking the audio out of your sound card, you may not be able to hear GS. To clarify...if your soundcard has only audio out and wont share this with other apps..like soundblaster live...then you may need to upgrade...however, if you have a GINA or aardvark or something with multiple outs AND its Giga compatible...then your fine.

    Audiowerk i belive at this stage is not compliant. Just check this issue out if you think you might be in the \"i\'m not usre catagory\".

    Good luck...


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    Re: Logic Audio & Gigasampler?

    I\'m looking at getting GS and can\'t afford to get a second computer. I use Logic myself, but if I get GS, would it be better to switch to VST? I don\'t use Logic for audio much at all. I would only use one track, but if I have to do any audio capturing, I would have to get VST? Also, now I know this should be asked in the computer hardware section of this forum, but if I do any audio capturing, would it be best to get another hard drive as well as the hard drive for the GS files to do audio capturing?

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    Re: Logic Audio & Gigasampler?


    the use of the audio capture is has nothing to do with Logic or VST. It is a function of GS. A little recorder pops up and it records the output of GS to a stereo wav.
    You will not need another hard drive for this.
    If you use Logic already and you dont use the auido side all that much..i think you\'ll be fine. It would be more influenced my the computer your using. The more powerful the better, the more ram the better. If you were using lots of audio tracks in Logic then i can see the opportunity for more problems to arise. The same would apply with VST and cakewalk.

    Logic is a great program...no need to switch to VST at all.


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