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Topic: OT: CD Top-Spine Sticker Question

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    OT: CD Top-Spine Sticker Question


    I realize that this is a bit off-topic, but none of the the forums really seem to fit:

    I'm in the process of having our cd duplicated for retail sale. One of the options the duplicator offers is the addition of a Top-Spine Sticker. (You know, those stickers across the top of the CD that are a real pain to remove.) They claim that retail stores prefer to have them.

    Does anyone have any real world knowledge about whether these are necessary? Would those of you with experience deem these necessary? Thanks!


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    Re: OT: CD Top-Spine Sticker Question

    The main advantage of them is that it makes the title easy to read when CDs are lined up in a bin at the music store or stored in a box in the stockroom. This depends on the store itself and how they display their CDs. Recordings I've worked on end up primarily in boutique-type stores and are part of a small selection of CDs for sale so top spine stickers are not an issue. The bigger stores will prefer it because it makes it easier to identify stock without having to have it facing front or take it out of the box. I guess the decision is what type of record store you aspire to.

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    Re: OT: CD Top-Spine Sticker Question

    Thanks for your reply. Yeah; the more I mull this over the more it makes sense to incur the additional minimal charge and include the top-spine sticker. Particularly if some distributors and retailers might consider it mandatory. Why take a chance on making a mistake when the cost of adding the stickers is relatively minor?

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    Re: OT: CD Top-Spine Sticker Question

    It's also an anti-theft thing. If you put a magnetic strip in the CD case and add the spine sticker, the shoplifter can't easily remove the disc from the case/shrinkwrap, walking out with the disc and leaving the magnetic strip behind.


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    Re: OT: CD Top-Spine Sticker Question

    Gotcha; thanks!

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