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Topic: Stuck Notes & Random latency anyone

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    Stuck Notes & Random latency anyone

    We Have GigaStudio96, running Win98SE on A PIV 1.5G with 1G of RAMBUS, one 80Gb 7200rpm ultra ATA HD dedicated to gigasampler. Properly installed Layla , and a 32ch MOTU fastlane USB interface. Everythings works fine exept that from time to time out of the blue we have stuck notes and some note plays 200ms later.

    Any hints welcome.

    Eric Arbour
    Productions Michel Cusson

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    Re: Stuck Notes & Random latency anyone

    Replace your USB interface with one that uses the parallel port. That should solve your problems. If you\'re into MOTO their micro express has a parellel port version I believe.

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