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Topic: POLL: How many people are still using Kontakt 1?

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    POLL: How many people are still using Kontakt 1?

    As the topic says, how many people here are still using Kontakt 1 and have not upgraded to K2 yet?
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    Re: POLL: How many people are still using Kontakt 1?

    I have not yet upgraded to Kontakt 2. I haven't seen any immediate need to do so and probably won't until there is a reason to.

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    Re: POLL: How many people are still using Kontakt 1?


    The reason is simple, do you not yet know? The latest piece of the latest software upgrade will for sure make your music better.

    If you learned anything in the few years you've know this business surely you've learned THAT.

    Anyway... I upgraded to Kontakt 2, I'm on NI's beta team so I really didn't have to 'upgrade', but I love it and wouldn't want to go back to Kontakt 1 given the choice. Many of the users I chat with frequently have all gone to Kontakt 2 as well.
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    Re: POLL: How many people are still using Kontakt 1?

    Weeellll, some of us have to pay for the upgrade and therefore are more hesitant to do so. Besides, Kontakt 1 is one stable piece of software.

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    Cool Re: POLL: How many people are still using Kontakt 1?

    I also still run Kontakt 1.5, I also see no immediate need to update. I'll also wait until they Iron out all the bugs.

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    Re: POLL: How many people are still using Kontakt 1?

    Not exactly answering your question, but i've upgraded;

    The K2 streaming engine is much more efficient at lower buffer sizes while the 16 track multitimbrality helps a lot and makes thing more simple: Less busses for the instances -> less cpu. Less instances open -> Less run-ram (even though one instance of K2 is ram-hungrier than one of K1).

    The K2 editor is aeons ahead and the drag and drop modular architecture is very well thought and easy to use. Some effects have gone a step further, while some to my dissapointment don't work as well as they did in K1 like the Time and Tone machine playback modes, they sound grainier and grittier, i guess NI is already aware of this and it should be fixed before you can say The Satanarchaeolidealcohellish Notion Potion.

    The built in convolution engine doesn't feel 100% "right" to use on a whole mix compared to SIR or other plug-in convolutions but its still very fun to play with. The good thing is that you can have 16 instruments with different convolutions (or even convolution combinations for each) set up very fast-- with its toll on CPU. A shame factor is that you cannot use K2 as a insert Effect but then again they are pretty basic. It is a sampler after all.

    The Scripting in K2 rocks. I love the "Humanizer" presets, especially for the pitch and time randomizers which can add a breath of realism to a plain quantized midi. The PSR piano scripts are decent as well,

    The Glide feature is working properly here. Its sad that you can't link Time/Rate to a midi CC.
    The Sample Start modifier is not working again in DFD mode unfortunately.

    If you never edit your libraries in any way and use them out of the box, i think K 1.5.3 is great and you could hold on to it a bit longer until K2 makes a real uprise. If you do a lot of programming and want to get the most out of your samples, in a much faster and efficient editor (with Undo support now) go K2.

    Sorry for the big rant, just a small review sort of thing.
    Just my (K)2 cents
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    Re: POLL: How many people are still using Kontakt 1?

    I have both K1.5.3 and K2 on my machine. My main reason for still using K1 for some of my instruments is that I use polyphonic aftertouch, and on K2 it is completely broken! (it works as if it were channel aftertouch!.. it's also bugged in K1, but at least there's a workaround for it in K1, which doesn't work in K2...GRRR!). Also, I've recently discovered that Artvista's wonderful Virtual Grand Piano, when loaded into K2, shows yet another bug on all presets which modulate the EQ (and that's the majority of them, unfortunately), resulting in most of the bandwidth being EQ'd out of existence! (I notice that Kornel is in the process of adapting his great script for use with VGP.. so maybe this problem will quickly be brought to light and fixed).
    Other than that, K2 is wonderful..it is (unfortunately!) only normal that such a huge piece of software present certain bugs that only appear in complex circumstances, and, so long as K2 are actively "on the case", I'm prepared to be (a little) patient .

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    Re: POLL: How many people are still using Kontakt 1?

    The VGP version of PSR Pro ( Classical patch ) is ready . I also had problems with VGP in Kontakt 2 but PSR needs only a clean instrument, it was safe for me to remove the effects, work with basic samples and then effects like EQ etc can be added later again.


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    Re: POLL: How many people are still using Kontakt 1?

    I Haven't yet upgraded.

    I had only bought GPO a couple months ago, and wished I had waited till it was offered with the latest version.

    I was tempted to buy a sound library that came bundled with Latest Kontact upgrade, for that reason… but yet price is still a factor…

    There's only so much money to spend on this very expensive hobby. ( at least that's what my wife reminds me of.)


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    Re: POLL: How many people are still using Kontakt 1?

    i Like K2 Alot..I find it overall easier to work with. Havent had the urge to re-instal K1.53 since theres lots to learn in K2 , though i agree the convolution doesnt sound very good at all.. except for the really weird IR`s that are really interesting. Rich

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