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Topic: 48 Hour Film fest recovery

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    Smile 48 Hour Film fest recovery

    Hey Guys, (and gals)

    Just got done posting the last of the music for the 48 hour film festival on my buddies server. It was exhausting but fun. If you've not heard of the festival before you can read about it at www.48hourfilm.com . I was only involved in the music aspect. The film ran about 7 minutes long and I wrote about 3 minutes of music. It was in the superhero genre so I came up with a triumphant theme with variations based on the script and then started writing to picture at about 6 this morning when there was a rough edit to be had. I then had till about 3 pm to write everything I could and render it to aif and upload it to the producer's server. It is great experience although it is a freebee. It teaches you to do what must be done and develop solutions in a timely manner. Sometimes you just have to force it out and this is one of those situations. It's very exciting. Fortunately for me, morning is my favorite time to write. If I had a place to post the music I would but I STILL dont have a web page yet (It's in the works). I ofcourse used GPO and some other stuff. I always come back to GPO for the Basic Orch Percussion and woodwinds in general. Not that I dont like all the instruments but those are my favs. Now it's back to furnaces and air-conditioners tommorrow. Maybe some day....... hmmmm.


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    Re: 48 Hour Film fest recovery

    Quote Originally Posted by EricWatkins
    Maybe some day....... hmmmm.
    And we'll be able to say, "Hey, we knew this guy back when he used to work for a living!"
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    Re: 48 Hour Film fest recovery

    I also did the 48-Hour Film Project last month (Atlanta) and would suggest the experience to anyone who has the opportunity to participate.

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