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Topic: Logic and PT Question re VSL....

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    Logic and PT Question re VSL....

    If one is running Pro Tools LE on a G5, is it possible to run Logic in the BACKGROUND for the sole purpose of using the VSL library? I sequence in PT, so I have no idea if this is even possible, or practical. I realize the best solution (for all Mac) would be two Macs, but am wondering if it's even POSSIBLE to do what I'm asking...

    Any input appreciated...


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    Re: Logic and PT Question re VSL....

    Tom, I thought you were a Logic guy? That's like saying, I've got the Porsche in the garage, but I do all my driving in the Yugo (do they still make those?)

    Pro Tools does not like playing nice with anyone. Your best bet if you really have to use PT for your sequencing is to get something like Kontakt and use VSL from Kontakt which does behave with PT a bit better.

    My advice of course would be to use Logic to do your sequencing, you can thank me later.
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    Re: Logic and PT Question re VSL....

    See my answer on the VSL forum, Tom.

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