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Topic: NO! NO!! NO!!!

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    NO! NO!! NO!!!

    Please don't remove any planned GPO Advanced instruments!

    Just read that topic about GPO Advanced and marching bands...oh no! Please don't remove/cancel those extra instruments. That would be just tragic. I'd much prefer the GPO Advanced as it was planned rather than these aforementioned spin-offs. I feel that would ruin the entire concept of GPO Advanced anyway, believe me - a lot of potential customers would be seriously disappointed which wouldn't be good thing anyway. People who were seriously considering GPO Advanced may walk away and forget it if something like this happened. Those rare brass instruments in particular - like the mellophones, alto horns, cimbassos, wagner tubas, euphoniums, and whatever else was planned for this phenomenal product, is what clinched the deal for me!

    My heart was set on gold, and now they are threatening to turn that gold into silver. Oh no! Please!!! No!!!

    GPO Advanced should be the way it was planned. I am looking so forward to those rare orchestral instruments.

    I hope nothing has changed already!

    I say to Garritan...GO FOR GOLD!!!

    Keep GPO Advanced as it was planned. If anything is removed it will not only reduce the product but it could also further the delaying of release...not a good idea at all. Please, I appeal, I beg you!

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    Re: NO! NO!! NO!!!


    I didn't hear about this.
    I guess that's what happens when you go on a road trip and don't have internet access for four days...

    PLEASE don't do that!!!

    No need for marching instruments for GPOA, but PLEASE keep the super special orchestral brass stuff!!!!!! (puppy dog eyes)


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    Re: NO! NO!! NO!!!

    Please read the Marching inst. in GPOA thread. Tom has stated very clearly that nothing is being removed from GPOA.

    Benjamin just over-reacted a little to something he read. Nothning to get excited over.


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    Re: NO! NO!! NO!!!


    Just saw the post.

    Quote Originally Posted by TomHopkins
    I've read through this thread a couple of times and, for the life of me, I can't figure out where the impression was given that instruments were going to be removed from GPO-A. What instruments? We have never stated nor implied that any instruments now present in the library would be removed. As far as instruments added are concerned, we have given some general ideas about what will be contained in GPO-A (project SAM material for one) but have not been specific about most instruments and their programming (nor do I have any intention of getting specific for some time to come.)

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