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Topic: Finale06-Assigning layers to GPO sounds

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    Question Finale06-Assigning layers to GPO sounds

    Ok- I'm having issues with Finale playback of multi-instrument staves using independent layers when routing MIDI to the NI Garritan sounds bundled with the software.

    Layer 1 is working fine during playback - it's layer 2; the volume is much, much softer when using the GPO sounds- in fact, even after manipulation of the chan. volume settings, I'm still having no luck in even-sounding playback.

    At first I assumed that this was an early bug in the way the layers work globally- but now after some testing, I've found that this problem only happens when I use the bundled sounds with the included NI player... The problem doesn't occur on my machine when routing identical MIDI data through GStudio or the software's softsynth.

    I hope that a few of you may test and see what results you have on your machines- perhaps somebody can offer some possible solutions?
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    Re: Finale06-Assigning layers to GPO sounds

    You could, as an experiment, try and add an expression with a CC#1 =, say, 64 message at the very start of layer 2. Or you can change the balance setting in the player using the volume knob.

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    Re: Finale06-Assigning layers to GPO sounds


    Be sure to send this info along to Finale. They're the ones who need to know if you are encountering problems with their software so that they can make any necessary changes. People here may be able to make some procedural or workaround suggestions but, if it is a bug, the people at Finale will be the ones to fix it.


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