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Topic: Garritan Library, Second hard drive?

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    Garritan Library, Second hard drive?

    I have 2 120gig, Maxtor 7200rpm SATA drives. I installed Sonar and Garritan on my main drive (Drive C). Should I install my sample libraries on my second hard drive (Drive E)? SHould I install the Garritan Library on my second drive?

    I am using the second drive for saving my projects and editing but will I see better performance by installing all my sample libraries on drive 2? I am not editing samples, just looking for playback.



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    Re: Garritan Library, Second hard drive?

    Depends if you have enough memory. GPO is designed to run totally in memory. In very small memory configurations, you can use DFD swaping feature, biut Gary doesnt recommend it

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