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Topic: Sample libraries, Second hard drive?

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    Sample libraries, Second hard drive?

    I have 2 120gig, Maxtor 7200rpm SATA drives. I installed Sonar and Garritan on my main drive (Drive C). Should I install my sample libraries on my second hard drive (Drive E)?

    I am using the second drive for saving my projects and editing but will I see better performance by installing all my sample libraries on drive 2? I am not editing samples, just looking for playback.



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    Re: Sample libraries, Second hard drive?

    yea you should deffinitly have a second drive devoted to samples, here' my experience for the worst month July....on hd Sh***t
    I had my back up samples backed up to a second drive(production too) the drive died and I spent most of the month in this sort of I won't doing any production just composing thing. I bought a 250 gig FireWire drive for back now for samples and prodcution. I also got another Slave drive and only put on this drive samples, (PMI stuff, other stuff that i have on dvd) so if that drive goes bye bye it doesn't matter. So what i am saying is buy a seperate drive for samples, buy a external drive firewire usb2 whatever for back up, also I have talked so someone that chains external drives together and has there samples mapped out.
    At the end of this stupid month I was finally able to recover my production and some samples off the dying drive(man I am lucky)!!!
    All I can Say is...HA!...HA!...HAAAAAAA!!!!!

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