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Topic: Sample Libaries, Second Hard Drive?

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    Sample Libaries, Second Hard Drive?

    I have 2 120gig, Maxtor 7200rpm SATA drives. I installed Sonar and Garritan on my main drive (Drive C). Should I install my sample libraries on my second hard drive (Drive E)?

    I am using the second drive for saving my projects and editing but will I see better performance by installing all my sample libraries on drive 2? I am not editing samples, just looking for playback.



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    Wink Re: Sample Libaries, Second Hard Drive?

    As a general rule, often times systems tend to perform better when system and programs are on one drive, samples on another, and recording to a third.

    But it sounds like you are in decent shape for now, although some might say you'd be better off recording to your C drive if you're pulling all of your samples off of your secondary drive.

    Less I/O ratio

    hopefully the rest of the crowd will chime in!!!!!!!

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    Re: Sample Libaries, Second Hard Drive?

    Perhaps I should leave Sonar on Drive 1, Put my Sample libraries on Drive 1 also and save all my work on Drive 2 for editing and mixing.

    I am just looking for the best performance

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    Re: Sample Libaries, Second Hard Drive?

    Best performance in a 2-drive system has been repeatedly shown to come with the OS and app on one drive, and the samples on another, IF the library is streaming from disk. If it's only loading into RAM, then put it on your system drive also, and record to the data drive.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Sample Libaries, Second Hard Drive?

    Okay, I was going to respond to the other thread you started and decided not to. Then I see that you basically got the same response that I was going to post...

    My answer being: Drive 3.

    So, fwiw, I want to second what Patthoven said.

    Given your current setup - and for the moment only having two drives, I think that your second post makes sense. Try that and see how it works. I think it makes sense to have your project files and your sample libaries on different disks. Especially if you're going to be running a lot of tracks and especially if you're running libraries that will be accessing the disk a lot as well (e.g. disk streaming). Seems like you would want to avoid a situation where Sonar and the sampler would both be trying to access the same disk at the same time.

    The problem with using the system disk might be a case where Windows (win paging file) and the sampler might be trying to concurrently access the disk, but with 2 gigs of ram I would imagine you should be okay.

    You might want to look at acquiring the third disk in the future sometime. I've been using ieee external disks for my sample libraries with good success.

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    Re: Sample Libaries, Second Hard Drive?

    Thanks for all the help guys.

    SEQ, I actually put my my paging file on my second drive (My project file drive.) I forgot to mention that earlier. Do you think that changes things?

    - Steve

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    Re: Sample Libaries, Second Hard Drive?

    I have posted this question in a number of forums and have received different answers, some say sample library on drive 2 others, say use the main drive!!

    My pagefile is on drive 2 and all my projects will be saved on drive 2 as well. My logic is, as I am recording my projects I will be reading from the main hard drive (OS and where my samples will be stored) then writing to my second hard drive (Where my projects will be saved).

    I already have 2 gigs of ram so my paging file should not be an issue. GPO should not be an issue either because the samples are stored in RAM. But when using other applications, such as Kontakt, etc, where samples may not be stored in memory, wondering what hard drive set up will be the best (For 2 identical hard drives 72oo rpm)

    - Steve

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