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Topic: Wstrm32.dll error, along with a few others

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    Wstrm32.dll error, along with a few others

    Some background on my computer:
    Pentium 4, 128MB ram, two hard drives (main: around 55gigs free, slave around 35gigs free), SoundBlaster Live! (recently installed), Windows ME. If more info is needed, please say so.

    Now for my problems. Every so often, when I have specific programs opened (AIM, Yahoo Instant Messenger, GigaStudio 96, Cakewalk HomeStudio 7.02, and Netscape 6, for example, are what most frequently are open during this situation), I get a stack error, and it tells me to go to system.ini and change the number of stack files. I tried to do this, but I found nothing having to do with stack files in system.ini. Sometimes, the entire system freezes after I close the message screen.

    Next, more often than above, I get this error during playback of Cakewalk through GigaStudio:
    \"Msg32 has caused an error in WSTRM32.DLL.
    Msg32 will now close.\" I close the message box...
    ...and the computer freezes.
    The final problem is that my computer sometimes doesn\'t shut down properly apparently. After I tell the computer to shut down, it goes through the procedure all the way to the end, but it doesn\'t shut down. It begins to reload. Then I get a ScanDisk window (not the DOS ScanDisk) that either says it\'s scanning C:\\(main hd), D:\\ (slave), or both, in addition to A:\\ (3.5in floppy), which it always scans. I\'ve tried to determine if this improper shutdown occurs after I\'ve received stack error messages or not, but so far, the two seem unrelated, but they might be. It isn\'t a case of having \'Restart\' selected instead of \'Shut Down\'.

    Whew. That took a while to type. If anyone can help, I would be VERY happy.

    \"The problem with reality is the lack of background music.\"

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    Re: Wstrm32.dll error, along with a few others

    Running out of stack pages is not uncommon with many complex apps open. See http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q149/0/83.asp for exact instructions on increasing the number of stack pages. It worked for me.

    I\'m afraid, as far as the second error goes, if you contact TASCAM support they will (eventually) ask you to re-format your hard disk and re-install apps one-by-one.

    If you actually read the EULA (which I never did) you will find \"GigaStudio is a high performance application that requires significant computer resources. Therefore if used in conjunction with other programs with similar resource requirements the end user accepts that the overall performance of the GigaStudio may be substantially degraded. User accepts that if they are
    using a non-recommended system the GigaStudio may not meet all advertised performance features...\"

    How you end up dealing with this turns out to have more to do with TASCAM customer satisfaction policy than any technical issues.

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    Re: Wstrm32.dll error, along with a few others

    I was getting the stack error message and the Microsoft fix worked for me also.

    The 2nd error is from GigaStudio. I get this error usually only when memory is above 85% full or I\'m constantly hitting maximum polyphony. Make sure you\'re running your system as clean as possible - no virus scanners, internet programs, etc.

    I had shutdown problems with the Soundblaster Live and my ASUS CUSL-2 mobo. My system has been shutting down properly ever since I changed soundboards.

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