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Topic: Creative X-Fi...hype or the real deal?

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    Creative X-Fi...hype or the real deal?

    As some of you may already know, Creative is hyping the crap out of their new soundcard lineup coming up called X-Fi. It claims to be a true 2nd processor dedicated to audio, have 1ms ASIO drivers, and even have the ability to "improve" quality to low grade audio files. They are trying to market towards the whole spectrum of users. Gamers, Movies, Music, Audio Creation, etc.

    I for one have despised Creative in the past for their horrid software and driver support. I've never even owned an Audigy. I'm currently running an M-Audio 1010LT soundcard, and Creative is now telling me that X-Fi surpasses it? Hmmmm. So they're telling me, an X-Fi is the only thing I need to run QLSO Gold, Gigastudio, etc?

    I'm very skeptical. Thoughts, opinions?



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    Re: Creative X-Fi...hype or the real deal?

    It will still only be a soundblaster. The EMU version will probably be very good.

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    Re: Creative X-Fi...hype or the real deal?

    Having been burned out twice before by Creative's marketing and poor support, I'm not expecting much. I find it sad that they have the position that they have in the consumer audio market.

    I'm not going to say I won't buy it. I'll just be much more wary and wait for the other people to buy, try, and suffer first.

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