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Topic: Performance can't find samples

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    Performance can't find samples

    I just took one of my hard drives out so now the partition that holds my .gig files has a different drive letter. Now when I load a performance, Giga only loads a few of the instruments and says it can't find the rest. I can go and load them manually so I know they're still there and it's exactly the same partition, what can I do without having to build all new (quite complex) performances? BTW I di use quick sound to rescan my drives.

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    Re: Performance can't find samples

    Could you just assign the drive letter that you used to use to that drive? In control panel, administrative tools, computer management, disk manager. (may be a faster way to get there too ...)

    Don't think there's a way to fix references inside gigastudio performances.

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    Re: Performance can't find samples

    Changing the drive letter worked perfectly! You saved me a ton of work, thanks, although I find it weird that giga can't just find the missing .gig files...

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