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Topic: 'Pallazo' : My first GPO composition - feedback appreciated !

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    'Pallazo' : My first GPO composition - feedback appreciated !

    Hi all

    Although I've had GPO for a fair while now, this is the first of my compositions that I've managed to complete.

    Every instrument is from GPO, with the exception of the solo violin which I just couldn't seem to get quite right. 'Pallazo' is a baroque-inspired piece - it's perhaps not hugely original but I enjoyed playing with the call-response and using this track to get better acquainted with GPO.

    This track isn't perfect by any means, but I've got to that stage now where I can't really 'hear' it anymore ! I would love any feedback anyone can offer - good or bad !

    The track can be listened to HERE

    Many thanks


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    Re: 'Pallazo' : My first GPO composition - feedback appreciated !

    Mr. Smith,

    This is very good! Exciting Latin undertone and good use of dynamics. You have a lot of talent.

    Best regards,

    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: 'Pallazo' : My first GPO composition - feedback appreciated !

    Simon. This is a very enjoyable piece. The mix of styles and constant energy kept me on the edge of my seat. As I said once before, I admire anybody who can write a decent Allegro. Excellent first effort.
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    Re: 'Pallazo' : My first GPO composition - feedback appreciated !

    A complex but nice work. It is very reminicent of the music by Michel Legrand for the 1973 'The Three Musketeers' movie. A lot of synergy. The final mix is a bit muddled, so you may want to try some middle EQ.
    Bill Wright
    PWA Music

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    Re: 'Pallazo' : My first GPO composition - feedback appreciated !


    Welcome to the GPO community. Your composition is excellent and you have a great start at employing the GPO instruments. You must have a good background in audio tracking as your music sounds realistic.

    Thanks for sharing your music and we would like to hear more.

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    Re: 'Pallazo' : My first GPO composition - feedback appreciated !

    Hi Simon,

    Excellent! I really enjoyed this. Great orchestration and performance. Good mix. It does sound amazingly real too!

    Thanks for posting,


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    Re: 'Pallazo' : My first GPO composition - feedback appreciated !

    Hi Simon
    That is a superb 1st effort with GPO,It is an interesting piece that successfully mixes genres and styles,with wit and panache. Reverb is one of those very personal choices,but I personally think you could ease off a tad on the verb, and this would bring more clarity to the overll mix.
    You have made an excellent start with GPO,and I look forward to more from you.

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    Re: 'Pallazo' : My first GPO composition - feedback appreciated !

    This is really interesting stuff. I enjoyed every exciting moment. Amazing sounds you're getting with all the different combinations of instruments. Great music!

    Kind Regards


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    Re: 'Pallazo' : My first GPO composition - feedback appreciated !

    Many many thanks for your encouraging comments chaps - I was very pleased that you all enjoyed the piece, and will take all your suggestions on board.

    I'm GPO'ing another track of mine at the moment, although that is a rather longer track and so will probably take me some time.

    Many thanks again.


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