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Topic: Full 160 Polyphony!

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    Full 160 Polyphony!

    I just picked up my PC I had built at the local computer store, Athalon 1.4 ghz, ASUS A7A233, 1 GB DDR ram, 20 GB boot disk, 60 GB gig disk. Threw windows 98 on it, using default configs.. added network and internet, loaded up giga and got 160 voices, with reverb NFX right from the start. Only taking up 30% of CPU at max.

    I\'ve been farting around with giga on a celeron 500 mHz for a while, with a max of 65 voices, so this giant step in performance has me completely in giga-heaven.

    What\'s interesting to note, is that I didn\'t have to fudge with the cache settings at all, even though I have 1 GB of ram with Win98 -- go figure.

    So mark me down as another giga full polyphony success story.

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    Re: Full 160 Polyphony!

    I too got 160 poly without pops & clicks for all of two days. Windows kind of jiggles around with stuff whenever it starts and stops. So my advice is don\'t touch anything, don\'t even turn off the machine, certainly don\'t install anything else.... or you could be looking at a dissapointing reduction in performance. New machines always work wonders... then something happens... maybe windows gets to them... and things start to slow down a bit.

    moan moan moan (ignore me I\'m just pissed that my 160 whent flying out of the window one sunny summer evening)

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    Re: Full 160 Polyphony!

    oh f-ck off!

    Kidding! I\'m SO trying to be happy for you, I know I would be totally excited if I had that happen. Instead, I\'ve been three months and only just managed to get machine #2 even working at all and only to 65ish voices. Brand new 1gb MHz PIII. Insanely frustrating. (please see the thread \"What\'s the latest on pops and clicks\" for a chronical of my stupid woes.)

    It makes me laugh (in a sort of self loathing way) to hear people who plugged in and got maximum performance.

    The first company to develop a real stand-alone GigaStudio competitor for Mac will get rich off me alone!

    No really, I am happy for you. I just wish I was happy FOR ME, that\'s all.


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    Re: Full 160 Polyphony!

    For waht it\'w worth I get full 160 polyphony on a Athlon 750 (not over clocked) with 768 MB ram. A dedicated 7200 RPM Maxtor. Nothing special. I have %23 percent cpu usage with efeects normally. this included a full orchestra. I was running nfx reverb and delay.

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