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Topic: Trilogy questions?

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    Trilogy questions?

    I am very impressed by bass sounds in the Trilogy demo's using a keyboard. I use a GR-50 guitar synth on my Stratocaster. How will Trilogy sound using a guitar synth? Any limitations? I also use Band-In-A-Box to compose bass lines in songs I write. I transfer the midi file to Digital Performer and assign a virtual instrument. Has anyone else ever done this with Trilogy?

    I am a bluegrass songwriter and I want to use the acoustic bass sounds in Trilogy along with my real acoustic instruments - but I don't play keyboards.

    Equipment: Mac G5 dual 1.8, OSX 10.3.9, DP4.6, Roland GR-50 Guitar Synth.

    I was close to buying MachFive when I was directed to this forum by someone at Unicornation. I am intrigued by Trilogy and I am a novice at virtual instruments so any help/advice/comments are greatly appreciated.

    Nice forum, by the way.


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    Re: Trilogy questions?

    Yeah..actually, some of the guys who create the demos for Spectrasonics work that way with Trilogy and Guitar controllers (Patrick de Caumette and Larry Mitchell) and they get awesome results that often sound much better than what is possible controlling Trilogy from a keyboard.


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    Re: Trilogy questions?

    Thanks for the reply.

    Using a guitar controller, how do you go between the sustain and the staccato notes? This technique on your video demo using a keyboard was very impressive and natural sounding. I can't imagine the technique on a guitar controller trying to play 3 octaves up for a staccato note. I would be interested in knowing how Patrick de Caumette and Larry Mitchell accomplish this. Is it just a matter of technique and lots of practice?



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    Re: Trilogy questions?

    You wouldn't use those patches for live playing from your GR-50.

    You'd use one of the full range patches and then edit the notes if you felt like it was needed. True Staccato was created more for keyboardists to be able to approach was it's more natural to do on a Guitar or Bass instrument.


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    Re: Trilogy questions?

    OK, I get it.



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    Re: Trilogy questions?

    the acoustic bass on trilogy sounds great, Ive actually overdubed bass parts on bluegrass songs because the upright player couldnt even come close to getting as good a sound. I would be curious to know what kind of guitar controller they are using as I am considering getting one. One other suggestion, you may want to listen to the demos of the new acoustid bass sound be bardstown audio, his piano has been aclaimed as one of the best so he knows what he is doing, the thing that sets his bass apart is that it uses gut strings which in my opinion sound better and I think this would sound great on bluegrass, the gut strings dont sustain as much and sound more percusive in my opionion but you cant go wrong either way jeff

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    Re: Trilogy questions?


    I think Eric has already pinpointed some of the ways one can successfully use a midi guitar controller.
    A few reasons why, depending on the instrument you are trying to emulate, results might sound more realistic with a midi guitar rather than a keyboard controller:
    the pitch variations when your fingers pressure a string. Pretty hard to do on a keyboard
    the specific and characteristic approach of an instrument that is in the same family as the guitar (that is string instruments)

    So I'd say that libraries for bass, violin, viola, cello, bass, sax, trumpet, trombone, woodwinds, brass will sound good when using a midi guitar controller.

    Of course, using Spectrasonics true staccato is usually done after the fact when editing in the sequencer.

    I usually first play a bass part without even assigning any libraries to my midi guitar. Basically, I use the sound of my electric guitar which has zero latency and artifacts to monitor the bass part while I record the midi track.
    Once I feel I captured a decent feel for the bass part, I open up Trilogy and look for the right patch. Then, the real fun begins: editing the bass lines and cleaning up the artifacts that come with any midi guitar controller performance

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    Talking Re: Trilogy questions?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff4h
    the acoustic bass on trilogy sounds great, Ive actually overdubed bass parts on bluegrass songs because the upright player couldnt even come close to getting as good a sound....
    You might find it interesting that a good deal of the Acoustic bass in the soundtrack for the folk music mockumentary "A Mighty Wind" (a personal favorite) was actually Trilogy and not Harry Shearer's Upright Bass!

    They used Trilogy for the temp tracks and the result was so good, they didn't see any reason to replace the tracks!

    spectrum :-)

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