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Topic: Cheaper Gigastudio systems?

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    Cheaper Gigastudio systems?


    I\'m a newby to Gigastudio, and would really like to buy a system. There is a problem:


    So I was wondering: is there a list of configurations with prices ranging from 2000 to 2500 dollars? I would like to use Gigastudio 96 at least. I will buy Samplelibrairies later on.

    Also, is there a shop in or near The Netherlands (jep, ik ben Nederlander) that builds such systems (dus een systeem van 5000 tot 6250 guldens...)?

    Oh... by the way... If there is even a cheaper solution that works good, tell me about it! (duh...)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Cheaper Gigastudio systems?

    Any-one... please?

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    Re: Cheaper Gigastudio systems?

    I\'m no PC expert, but I have three Gigastudio machines (so far!), and the last PC I purchased was the easiest to put together.

    Here in the USA there\'s a store called COMPUSA, it\'s basically a computer retail store. I never thought to do this with my other machines and I had them custom built by studio guys.

    Anyway, all I really needed to know was that the machine must NOT have sound integrated into the motherboard. Most or all of the consumer machines you buy from a store have sound on the motherboard which causes problems.

    I went to the COMPUSA service department and asked them to build a PC for me with the following:

    NO sound on mother board
    800Mhz (or thereabouts)
    512 Meg RAM (would be slightly cheaper if I\'d got the RAM through the internet, but I was in a RUSH)
    20 GIG System drive
    60 GIG MAxtor Drive for audio
    DVD Rom
    CD ROm
    Floppy Drive
    USB ports
    Ethernet 10/100 card

    This cost me about $900 US.
    But it only took less than a day to get it.
    I then added the midiman USB 4x4 midisport for midi, a Tascam PCI822 soundcard and I was set to go.

    You could probably find cheaper sound cards if your not going digital, eg the ECHO cards (GINA etc).

    Even cheaper would have been to buy the machine through Dell.com

    A friend did it this way, he bought their cheap \"Dimension L\" cofiguration. This cost about $700. They say you can\'t add a second HD to it, but he did and it works flawlessly: he just added the audio HD in a space where a CDRom could have gone. He has the cheapest system I know of and it works wonderfully.

    So there\'s a couple of ideas. I don\'t know how they translate to your location, but maybe it helps a little.

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    Re: Cheaper Gigastudio systems?


    Located in California...so shipping will probably be not so good for you

    Check out their website and see the machines they offer.

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    Re: Cheaper Gigastudio systems?

    You could check out http://www.advanceddesignky.com (click computers, then workstations). I\'ve bought several of their DAW 1000A\'s with some extra memory for about $900 shipped (US) and have been pleased. It looks like they will ship to at least some international destinations.

    I get full 160 poly, the second hard drive is in a removable caddy, fan noise is reasonable (they\'ve made some effort to avoid noisy fans), the case is spacious and can be opened with just one thumb screw.

    If you order from them be sure to open the machine and remove the packing material inside before you power it up! - Doug

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    Re: Cheaper Gigastudio systems?

    Thanks guys! I\'ve checked the websites and it gave me a good idea of how much a suitable system for me costs, and what kind of hardware I should use.

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    Re: Cheaper Gigastudio systems?


    Zoals je wel gemerkt zal hebben ben ik ook een Nederlander en ook ik gebruik GigaStudio.

    Wat ik heb gedaan of liever gezegd wat mijn vader heeft gedaan (ik ben slechts 17) is een computer laten bouwen door Sky Computers en daar later zelf een Terratec EWS88 MT ingebouwd. Wanneer je dit doet ben niet zo heel erg veel geld kwijt en je kan zelf bepalen wat voor videokaart in je computer wordt geplaatst.
    Bij mij werkt alles perfect.
    Heb jij trouwens misschien al wat sample cd\'s voor gigastudio. Zo ja misschien kunnen we wat ruilen?
    Ik weet dat ik hier illegaal bezig ben maar als ik het geld had zou ik het allemaal wel willen betalen maar ik werk me in de vakantie al de ... (een nieuwe elektrische piano gekocht).
    Heb je interresse email me dan op robbertvanweelderen@home.nl

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    Re: Cheaper Gigastudio systems?

    Beste Robbert, ik ga je nu emailen! Fantastisch dat je hebt gereageert.

    Zometeen zit er een email in je bus van Carsten Altena.

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