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Topic: Yamaha Motif Samples

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    Yamaha Motif Samples

    I've been looking into getting a Yamaha Motif for live/studio work. I can't justify spending the cash for a live tool only so i'd like to know what people think of the samples.

    Granted i've not had much experience with keyboard synths but i'm slightly wary of the samples sounding like they've come from a Synth and not being as convincing as some of the many libraries available for soft synths.

    Any opinions are appreciated.


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    Re: Yamaha Motif Samples


    When I first entered the midi community, my first keyboard was the Yamaha Motif 8. (the classic - original)

    I arranged and performed Satin Doll with the entire Motif 8...a bit synthy - machine effect Alto etc...Probably the Trombone is the best voice in its library.

    Still a great starter keyboard..

    http://alanrussell-music.com/Satin%20Doll%20%20(Performed%20&%20Recorded%20By%2 0Alan%20Russell).mp3

    Alan Russell
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    Re: Yamaha Motif Samples

    What types of sounds will you be using primarily? I have a Motif ES8 and its an awesome keyboard, IMO the best sounding hardware unit available. But its acoustic instruments still don't come near the realism of modern sample libraries. I use the electronic instruments a lot (digital pianos, synths, pads, etc), and the guitars are very good for a hardware unit (still can't compare to the new guitar libraries though).

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    Re: Yamaha Motif Samples

    My understanding is that the Motif ES has a totally new sample set. There's a demo of the latest version here in RealMedia format - describing some of the cool things it does.

    One of the things that seem to make it stand out is the ability to add a VL module for acoustically modeled sounds, and a built-in port for the BC3 breath controller - which to me is a necessary component to getting more realistic sounds. I'm a former horn player, so your mileage may vary there. Keyfax has a tutorial on using a BC with the Motif on their site - motifator.com. There are some sound examples there too.

    If I was to do a bit more road-gigging, I'd definitely get a Motif 8 ES. It's a nice axe, has a ton of sounds and room for expansion, and the faders, knobs, and transport control can control Cubase or Nuendo as though it's a Mackie-styled controller. I'd love to have that kind of control right over the keyboard. Anyway, there are several places online to check our various aspects of it. You should be able to form a relatively informed opinion of it, short of sitting down with one and working with it a bit.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Yamaha Motif Samples

    Hi Alan,

    As a sax player I have little faith in any sampled horns. That said the horn section sounds better than I thought it would.

    I've been looking to invest in a lot more software samples for my computer. The Yamaha offers so much it would provide me with a lot, fast and probably cheaper than buying a million libraries. I also use an o1x so any integration would be a breeze.

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    Re: Yamaha Motif Samples

    I'd be buying it mostly for the electronic sounds. I don't believe it could hold a candle to any proper sample library.

    Thanks for the feedback. I think I may be an owner shortly.

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    Post Re: Yamaha Motif Samples

    nemo_sim, the ES is an amazing instrument. Its sounds, controller capabilities, keyboard action, and playability!!! are top notch. Even though the acoustic sounds aren't as convincing as sample libraries can be, they are, like you said, better than I expected. Anyway, there are times when it's nice to have real instruments sound unreal and the Motif excels at that. There are many non-acoustic sounds, and they are really inspiring to me as well. I love mine in a way that I could never feel for any softsynth/sample library. It's crazy. It really is.

    But I would not recommend that you use it for all your sounds.

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    Re: Yamaha Motif Samples

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Russell

    Still a great starter keyboard..

    Alan Russell
    LOL - If the Motif is a great starter keyboard, what do you consider to be a "pro" one?


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    Re: Yamaha Motif Samples

    [QUOTE=nemo_sim]I don't believe it could hold a candle to any proper sample library.

    I gather you haven't tried using sample libraries in a live situation. Vewy frustrating. Hardware companies put together collections of sounds. Yes, they are limited by pragmatic considerations ... well ..at least until the companies finally decide to put a streaming drive in. (Should have been done a long time ago). The sounds are generally filtered through the same team, so while they may have the same "funk" (as in "smell"), they work together. If you happen to like the smell of a keyboard it will work well for you. That matching won't happen with sample libraries unless you buy something like OmnSynth or Colossus. Furthermore, most sample libraries are not created with live performance in mind. Mono compatability is generally not important and they generally have too much ambience. (And BTW, I don't recommend using the Motif in combined mono.)

    Ignoring load times, which can be substantial for the Motif, remember that the keyboard is extensible so you can install your own sounds. Can't be Gigasized but you could always sample from another keyboard if it has what you want.

    I had an M7 classic. I liked most of the sounds and it's "pseudo GM" sound was killer. I sold it because I'm a blueser and I couldn't stomach the hard attack of the piano's. ES is much better but for my taste still sounds like someone is doing a tap dance.



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    Wink Re: Yamaha Motif Samples

    Quote Originally Posted by ohernie
    I liked most of the sounds and it's "pseudo GM" sound was killer. I sold it because I'm a blueser and I couldn't stomach the hard attack of the piano's. ES is much better but for my taste still sounds like someone is doing a tap dance.
    heh - that's just because it's a sampled Yamaha piano - which have the same tendency. You could drive a nail with those hammers.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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