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Topic: Some GPO piano

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    Some GPO piano

    Hi all,

    Here's a short piece featuring GPO's piano. It doesn't go bang and crash like my other stuff, so it's potentially less annoying... I hope

    Into Light

    It's a little rough, I'm still working on it, but what do you think?



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    Thumbs up Re: Some GPO piano

    I really enjoy this music.
    It seems to hear a beautiful score for a wonderful movie.
    I think if you are working you will be able to sell this piece as a John Williams piece!!
    Simply outstanding man!!!
    you did a very powerful and nice work.
    Only my congrats,

    potentially less annoying: what are you saying?
    You will never annoying!!!!

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    Re: Some GPO piano

    That's really nice! What a pretty work. It flows beautifully.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Best regards,

    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Thumbs up Re: Some GPO piano

    So sweet, and beautifully performed.


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    Re: Some GPO piano

    This is the start of a very nice, gentle, and sweet number. Just lighten up on the reverb. It will be interesting to hear the final piece.
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    Bill Wright
    PWA Music

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    Re: Some GPO piano

    Yes. Sweet is the best adjective for this piece. Lovely. I want to hear the rest of it. . . .

    Nice work! Really enjoy the swelling entrance of the strings.

    Donald W. Sorah
    Doctoral Teaching Assistant
    Florida State University
    Tallahassee, FL

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    Re: Some GPO piano

    I agree, sweet and beautiful. I love it. Great work.

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Some GPO piano

    wow Ryan WOW!!


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    Re: Some GPO piano

    I agree with the above, gentle, flowing,with a pop melody (in the positive sense), ready for the screen.

    Okay, your compositions are great, now about that little annoying technical detail about the reverb ... are you ready now to try the (PC) free SIR with 3500seat/1800seat impulse combos? (Hint: mix one mic set, then create a separate audio with one of the "far" mics (e.g. rear facing) and add A LITTLE of this to the first set and the result will be one rich full sound with lots of depth - and then teach me how you did it!)

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    Re: Some GPO piano

    Ryan, Simply beautiful. What is the instrument doubled with the piano at the start.....kind of like chimes. Is the piano eq'd? as it seems slightly more mellow than the 'standard' GPO piano.

    Great arrangement, orchestration and production.

    I think the strings around 59s> would benefit from more dynamics but there again, what do I know?

    Thank for the listen


    PS It's much less annoying than your normal stuff......NO, only kidding I've never thought that of your normal stuff

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