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Topic: Gigastudio 3 LE with Tascam U-122

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    Gigastudio 3 LE with Tascam U-122

    I'm just getting started and have been reading thru the forum.

    1. I have Gigastudio 3 LE and Cubase LE that came with the Tascam U-122. I also have Calkwalk Homestudio 2004 XL, GuitarTracks Pro, Adobe Audition 1.5, a Line 6 GuitarPort with Rifftracker.

    The only thing I've done so far is install the software and can play a piano tone using Gigastudio and the screen keyboard. While I can play the keyboard, I'm not very good a plucking notes with a mouse. This does not seem very musical. Do I need to buy a keyboard to plug in via midi to the tascam? Will this allow me to play live?

    How do I get the live piano tone into the sequencing software?

    I've played live guitar with the GuitarPort and have created a playable cd. I'm not sure how to do this with midi.

    Can someone help me out, i.e., by providing a few basic steps about the process and then letting me know about additional equipment that I might need?

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Gigastudio 3 LE with Tascam U-122

    While I don't use ANY of the stuff you mention, I think you might aim toward getting a midi recording of some of your music -- perhaps input from guitar? -- into Home Studio so that you can use it to play back a midi sequence that triggers sounds in gigastudio -- then record that output using gigastudio capture to wave, or using the audio tracks in home studio?

    It is all complicated, that's for sure. See if you can accomplish one step at a time: making a sound, recording midi notes, having the midi notes make a sound, recording a sound, recording the sound the midi notes make ...

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