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Topic: What system for newbie ?

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    What system for newbie ?

    I have searched but not found an answer.
    Could folks recommend (1) a source for basics of building a system for orchestral sounds, e.g. book, online article, etc. and (2) your picks for a complete "starter set" system ? Doesn't have to be "the" system, but if starting out knowing what you know now, what would <you> buy for up to $3k exclusive of PC, midi controller, monitors. (I realize this is a religious discussion).
    I want to start small with no interest in live sound recording, but rather dabbling with emulating/composing string quartets etc. then expanding to eventual full blown orchestral and am in it for the long haul (about to retire and finally have the time). Primary initial emphasis is realism and playing with learning orchestration/colors, but may evolve into film score timbres, etc.
    I have good background in technology/computers (PC, midi,ex elect. engr.) so am not intimidated with complexity, and music degree so am not a rookie in that sense. And I have no aversion to initial steep learning curves in for example a sample library/sequencer, etc. if that is the way to go rather than outgrowing them and having to learn whole new interfaces, etc.
    I am not interesting in optimizing the "ultimate" but in getting together a basic, workable, functional start minimizing compatability issues and gotchas. But although I can read descriptions of merits of sound library or sequencer "X" vs. "Y", or key switching or whatever, each component has so many nuances and individual characteristics I'm hesitant to start acquiring pieces not seeing the big picture, and of course would like to not be stuck with a bunch of beginner stuff with no upgrade path.
    So... you get the idea. Sorry for the long append. But it would be helpful if you gave me <names>, eg. sound library XYZ, sequencer ABC, sound card LMN, sample librarian RST. I can take care of the PC, which SATA or RAID drive to get, which monitor. But Garritan GPO vs. Gigastudio, Kontakt, individual string or brass libraries, etc. at this stage I am <clueless>.
    ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. I cannot wait to get started I am so blown away with how far sample based music has gone since I last checked....
    A big THANK YOU to anyone who cares to take the time to respond...


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    Re: What system for newbie ?

    Quote Originally Posted by bcarwell
    (2) your picks for a complete "starter set" system ?
    One word...three letters...GPO. It comes with Overture SE which can be upgraded to 4.

    And GPO can be upgraded to GPOA (once it arrives).

    Get a computer with 2 Gigs Ram and a fast processor and you'll be able to create, render and burn to CD world class symphonic music (and scores) for less than $250 (before upgrade).

    'nuff said!

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    Re: What system for newbie ?

    Thanks a million ! Intuitively I was leaning this way but didn't want to bias any responses. Certainly their website and philosophy are very impressive and resonate with me in trying to assist the newbie.

    I assume that Gigasampler (which I think may be bundled with something similar to Overture) may be too much for a newbie ?

    Thanks again. I needed the reassurance GPO is as it seems...


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