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Topic: Rackmounted computer...Flight

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    Rackmounted computer...Flight


    This is not a giga related topic. But trusting some experienced persons can help.

    I am ordering a 2U rackmountedable computer from Soundchaser. It will come with a 1U rackmountable keyboard/Mouse/Monitor, as well. So, the whole ensemble will be probably put into a 4U rackmount case/flight case

    I will need to put this in the cargo area of airplanes. I feeel very very shakey about this. Does anybody else on this forum travel with his/her computer in a flight case (by Anvil, for example), enduring the cold temperatures of 30,000 feet and mishandling of airline luggage handlers and have success?

    Success= computer not broken. Functions when turned on.

    My flight case will be too big all around for me to count-on bringing it on-board the airplane. So I have to buy the best for the worst case scenario in the cargo bay of the plane.

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    Re: Rackmounted computer...Flight

    Its hard to say how dependable your rackmount computer will be, however I can recommend 2 things that have saved my butt over the years.

    1. Make sure you support the rear of the computer (if its on slides, its good enough).

    2. SKB cases make a series of shock-mounted cases that use special steel rope springs. I once dropped one of the 12 unit racks on a flight of stairs - no damage at all! They add about 2 \" alround and weigh more, but its worth it.


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    Re: Rackmounted computer...Flight

    Thanks, Party!

    Have you put your case in the cargo bay of the airplane rather than carry it on board?

    I\'m curious how it would hold up to cold temperatures 30,000ft up.

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