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Topic: Can't get to User Libraries in RMX

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    Can't get to User Libraries in RMX

    I'm sure this is user error, but I'm stuck. I havent tried any user rex files in RMX until I downloaded the NineVoltAudio stuff. Well, in the RMX browser, when I set the top dropdown to User LIbraries (or User Favorites) it just snaps back to what I had previously selected - either EXP Libraries or Core Library. What do I have set wrong?


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    Re: Can't get to User Libraries in RMX

    Forget it - I restarted my Host and RMX and now I'm cool. Sorry for the distraction.

    Just for future reference, I put these in a folder called NineVoltAudio Demos under the Converted REX Files libarary and that's why RMX didnt see it. I guess it was one folder too deep.

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