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Topic: String Quartet Piece, with GPO

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    String Quartet Piece, with GPO

    Hi all
    This is a piece I composed about 3 years ago but it was only scored out because it was for an under 21's composition competition, (tongue twister), anyway I decided to garritanize it and this is the result.
    The piece is called the return home for a d-day quartet writing competition the rules where that it had to be around 3 mins long for 3 violins and a cello and had to be able to be played by grade 3 standard players (so nothing too difficult). sorry theres no link straight to the piece but its at www.cphproductions.co.uk the 4th song on the music player called (The Return Home) if anyone is interested?

    Thanks guys


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    The spirit (timbric) of the quartet is lost in this rendition, but the the piece is nice, and expressive anyway. Bravo,


    Nice site also!

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    Re: String Quartet Piece, with GPO

    Nice piece. Thanks for posting it. A lot of attractive music has been written for fledgling musicians, not least JS Bach's famous 'notbuchlein' for his young wife. If a small criticism is acceptable, then the rhythmic support figure becomes a bit repetitive towards the middle and latter half of the piece. Grade 3 players would not object. But as an aspect of composing style, it has become quite common in many mature pieces. Establish what a pop musician would call a riff or groove, then layer a slow melody on top. Fine, once or twice, but potential limited in the concert hall.
    Best wishes, Dermod

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