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Topic: Reply to Bruce Richardson (Breath controllers etc)

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    Reply to Bruce Richardson (Breath controllers etc)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce A.Richardson
    Actually, getting samples mapped for wind control is nowhere near as hard as processing wind controller tracks in sequencers.

    Moving a note in time kills a wind-controller played track, unless you do this on the track level and literally cut the track apart note-by-note. Editing in a piano-roll setting leaves the controller #2 information in place...which wreaks havoc on the expression.

    It would not be difficult for a sequencer manufacturer to develop logic which would move the CC2 info under a particular note, but there ARE a great number of logical convolutions one would need to take into account, in resolving overlaps, subsequent edits, etc. There would need to be quite sophisticated tracking of exactly what CC data had been moved where, when...so things could be undone or subsequently moved in ways which did not screw up the data.

    The problem is that there are so few wind-controller owners out there that it doesn't ever make the feature list.
    Actually, this problem isn't restricted to breath controllers... any keyboard player who uses aftertouch comes up against exactly the same problem, or even any GPO user when he records the modwheel.. those controller movements are intrinsically "tied" to the note alongside which they were played. At least with monophonic lines there *shouldn't* be too much confusion when moving things around.
    I don't know what host sequencer you use, but, for Cubase SX, an excellent macro (written by Bas) has been written, that deals with this very problem, and makes it very easy to move/copy notes along with their controllers.
    HERE is his post about it in the Cubase.net forums. Maybe you could adapt something similar to the host you are using?

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    Re: Reply to Bruce Richardson (Breath controllers etc)

    Right, it's not just breath control. Passport MasterTracks Pro used to have a button labelled All that would include all controller data within a region.

    Logic supposedly has the same thing, but it doesn't work if you just select a note.

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