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Topic: Early 60s rock instrumental- Does this sound authentically retro?

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    Early 60s rock instrumental- Does this sound authentically retro?

    I recorded a version of the surf guitar classic Pipeline, and I wanted to see if I could get that early 60s analog sound with modern digital gear (while still having good fidelity). The strat is played through a Line 6 Pod XT pro, and think the fender tube amp emulation is pretty darn good. The drums are from DKFHS Custom and Vintage with just a little compression on the snare and very minor EQ (Blue tubes and Vintage Warmer). The surf bands always used Fender P basses (a few used Jazz basses), and I had a hard time finding picked samples that had the right sound (most fender bass samples are fingered and geared more towards funk, R&B, or fusion). I ended up using Yellow Tools Ebass Fender P Bass samples in Halion.

    The guitars got EQ, compression, and limiting from Nomad Blue Tubes (I love their stuff) and PSP Vintage Warmer. The final mix got some subtle use of the Vintage Warmer, as well.
    The guitar reverb is cranking up the Fender spring reverb up to 10 in the Pod. The bass got some SIR convolution, and the drums just have the room ambience from the samples.
    I'm still not too confident in my mixing and mastering, so any suggestions for improvement would be most welcome. Thanks!

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    Re: Early 60s rock instrumental- Does this sound authentically retro?

    Sounds perfect to me. Maybe, and this is definitely just a maybe, the drums are a little loud. But mixes from that era were always a little rough. so I wouldn't sweat the mix too much.

    I started listening before I started reading, so I could listen as I read. Until I got to where you described which bass patch to use, I had assumed it was live, so I'd say you're OK on that front!

    I would be nervous about a setting of 10 for reverb, but that sounds right on your demo as well, so go figure! I'd say you nailed the song!

    - Mike Greene

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