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Topic: How many PCs are you running

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    How many PCs are you running

    Hi there,
    I am wanting to run lots of orchestral samples (dan dean) + the new giga strings plus percussion, piano etc.
    How many pcs will I need to realistically run this lot? THe gs is 160 polyphonic but will that be limited by trying to load all the sounds in at once before I even start playing them, or can GS handle it?
    What are you chaps running out there?

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    Re: How many PCs are you running

    Your going to need oodles of RAM to load all that orchestral stuff. I have 512MB and I usually hit the ceiling and I\'m only using Port 1 & 2.
    Regarding poly\"phony\", you\'ll be lucky if you actually get 160 voices out of GigaStudio. There are just too many third party components involved and the infinite combinations of them leave so many variables that it\'s near impossible to predict.
    I have 2 PIII 1GB Mhz machines and, as you may have noticed in my \"What\'s the latest on pops and clicks?\" post that despite the components in each being IDENTICAL, one only gets 115ish and the other barely 70 before it starts popping badly.
    So there ya have it. Best of luck getting 160. If you do, I\'ll buy your plane ticket to come over here and cure my woes! If I manage it some time in this lifetime, I post back here and let you know what the trick is!


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