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Topic: Some What OT PMI Super Buy

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    Some What OT PMI Super Buy

    I hope the forum members won't mind this post. I have not received my Magic Bundle even though I received a shipping confirmation 12 days ago. If Mr. Post could help me I sure would appreciate it.



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    Re: Some What OT PMI Super Buy

    I'm in the same boat with Consolidated. Maybe he pulled them at the last minute while the disk issues get sorted out?

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    Re: Some What OT PMI Super Buy

    Have you tried writing to Michiel? He has always been very helpful in those matters and I'm sure it will work out fine for everyone... patience!

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    Re: Some What OT PMI Super Buy

    I ordered as part of the group buy and mine arrived dead-on-time, so at least some of them shipped - I got the Piano Magic bundle...
    There is a thread started by Michiel ref the group buy that he seems to actively check that...so maybe also post there?

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    Re: Some What OT PMI Super Buy

    Thanks for your responses. I was hoping to learn if anyone else was still waiting, so it's good to hear from people in the same boat as me.

    I did hear from Michael Post today via email after I made my post. He said he was in the mountains for a couple days and would address the issue when he gets back. He probably thought he could chill out and meditate on the moutaintop, after the incredible accomplishment of his group buy. Lord knows he deserved the rest. It looks like there was a ghost in the machine after all, what with the threads popping up about problems with certain issues.

    So, there is no need for Mr. Post to address this thread as it were.

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