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Topic: Great little documentary about sampling

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    Great little documentary about sampling

    Free download from archive dot-o-r-g:
    (search for
    Can I Get An Amen? in the archive search engine)

    Can I Get An Amen?
    is an audio installation that unfolds a critical perspective of perhaps the most sampled drums beat in the history of recorded music, the Amen Break. It begins with the pop track Amen Brother by 60's soul band The Winstons, and traces the transformation of their drum solo from its original context as part of a 'B' side vinyl single into its use as a key aural ingredient in contemporary cultural expression. The work attempts to bring into scrutiny the techno-utopian notion that 'information wants to be free'- it questions its effectiveness as a democratizing agent. This as well as other issues are foregrounded through a history of the Amen Break and its peculiar relationship to current copyright law.

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    Re: Great little documentary about sampling

    sorry, but: ...The item you have requested had an error:

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    Re: Great little documentary about sampling

    The site was down for maintenance, but it's been restored.

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