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Topic: Virtual grand Piano...two queries

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    Virtual grand Piano...two queries

    Thanks Hans for a beautiful library...really happy with it, and it compliments my other favorites very well (Emperor, Malmsjo, Black Grand, Old Lady) You have captured very accurately the beautiful sound of a Steinway B, and I love all the presets (particularly Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett) :-)

    Two questions
    (1) I am limited to 64 notes in the Kontakt player. Can this be increased? If not will the full version of Kontakt (v2), solve this limitation?
    (2) Is there any way I can open GS3 and VGP/Kontakt at the same time, so I can load libraries from both programs and have them all at call? At present if I have GS3 loaded, I get no sound fro VGP and vice versa

    My system is:

    P4 3.2 Northwood
    Asus P4C800-E deluxe (V1016)
    RME HDSP 9632 (2.93)
    RME AO4S-192
    Corsair TwinX2048-3200 (2gig) @2.5-3-3-8
    Asus V9520 FX 5200
    2x Raptor 74GB 10k (Sata) in Raid 0, on ICH5 controller (samples)
    2x WD 80 GB 7200 (Sata) in Raid 1 (system/GS3


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    Re: Virtual grand Piano...two queries

    Hey Thanks Mal,

    1. Open the manual by clicking the Kontakt Logo on the interface, and then click the "Additional Info" button in the lower right corner. In the introductory window that opens click "Virtual Grand Piano Manual" on the left, or at the bottom. Scroll down slightly to the title: "Performance settings: "Voice Limit" and "Reserved Voices".

    There you can read how to change the polyphony settings to get the maximum out of your setup.

    2. I don't know if it is possible to run both GigaStudio and the Kontakt Player simultaneously. If someone has done it successfully (with any Kontakt Player such as GPO or other), let us know!


    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions
    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Virtual grand Piano...two queries

    thanks Hans....playing comfortably now with 128 voices :-)
    Such a playable instrument...

    As a matter of interest, what presets do you prefer yourself? Do you have a favorite?
    So many to choose from :-)


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    Re: Virtual grand Piano...two queries


    For just playing for my own enjoyment, I think I mostly prefer the "Classic Wet", the "Gospel Wet", and also the "Compressed Wet". Also, any patch with a little bit of EQ1 and a little bit of EQ2 + a little bit of compression will sound very rich. You have to be careful with the compression though, because it is really more of a saturation, where it lifts up the lower amplitudes, but does not squash the top like a normal compression. You can distort if you overdo it.

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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