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    Has anyone out there tried the asus cuv4x motherboard ? . will it run 1.5 g of ram happily with win 98 . I am rebuilding my dell 4100 in a rackmount and just wanted to check first . Thanks for any help


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    I have that mobo and it seems to run well. I thought I was having problems because of it but it turned out to be a whole host of other things. Mobo itself runs fine.
    don\'t know about that much RAM though, I only have 512.
    And I\'m getting a max of 120 voices of polyphony before pops and clicks start.


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    You are !!!!

    I saw your posts on clicks and pops but did that turn out to be bad RAM?

    I guess I need this much ram as I am maxing out doing orchestral simulations with the 512 I have .I can only load up enough brass and woodwinds before things go south . Do you think 1.5gb will pose problems ?

    The other option I have is a MSI-6309 which is based on the VIA 694x northbridge with a via 82c686a southbridge



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    Well, I have 2 identical systems and one of them has given me no troubles at all. Put the pieces together, started up, loaded software, loaded samples. Got about 120-130 voices right out of the box. Have been unalbe to get more than that without pops and clicks but that may be harddrive issues or something else.
    My other system (which turned out to have bad RAM) HAS been giving me problems but I don\'t believe these to be motherboard-related.
    I\'ll certainly let you know how my furthur testing goes.
    Good luck!


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