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Topic: Can you tell me if this sounds ok please?

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    Can you tell me if this sounds ok please?

    Hi there,
    I\'ve recently got gigastudio (an upgrade on gigasampler) and want to buy a dedicated PC for it.
    I am going to run it a 1.4 gz with a 60 gig IBM deskstar 8.2 seek drive.
    What I am intending to do is use my existing 450pentium 3 as a midi/cubase/audio master and drive midi from there and collect audio digitally from the slave gs pc.
    I am intending therefore to have a digital card in each PC and sending the digital signal (possibly multiple digital signals) out of the gs slave, back into cubase for real-time mixing and adding of VST effects, thus probably not bothering with the NFX.
    Does this sound OK?
    The big question I have is which sound card to get on the GS slave.
    I also have digital monitor speakers and am planning on sending the signal directly out of the master to the speakers digitally.
    Is this wise also? Can I achieve \'good enough\' levels of signal processing/amping/fx/eq etc. inside cubase and thus avoid an analog amp and mixer?
    Obviously the last question is a bit etherical and raises all sorts of analog vs digital eyebrows?
    Be interested to know your thoughts

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    Re: Can you tell me if this sounds ok please?

    I\'m planning on doing the same thing and will be ordering my GS PC this week. I\'m probably going to go with an M-Audio DiO 2448 card in the GS machine, which offers up to 24 bit 48KHz resolution and has digital ins and outs (RCA S/PDIF). I can route the digital signal into the S/PDIF ins of my Delta66 card installed in my Cubase machine.

    I\'m hoping that I can then record the audio from the GS machine into a track in Cubase. I don\'t see why not, as it should be the same as recording the audio from my synth into Cubase and the audio should be perfect since I\'ll be using the digital ins and outs.

    All speculation at this point since I don\'t have all the hardware yet, but it seems we are both on the same track so we must at least be close to right on this!

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    Re: Can you tell me if this sounds ok please?

    Seems the case - I am looking at the Luna II card. I want to make sure that the card on the gigastudio machine can output multiple signals, since I may want to drive them thru different fx.
    Am I right in thinking that you can mix the audio in cubase as you play, rather than just as you record? In other words, I don\'t have to press record to actually here sounds coming thru and being mixed? I think I\'ve got that right...

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    Re: Can you tell me if this sounds ok please?

    You can monitor sounds through Cubase by just enabling the channel input (click the tiny \"in\" button just above the channel\'s level meter. However, it is generally undesirable to monitor your playing through Cubase as you will likely experience annoying latency which may make it difficult if not impossible to play in time with your tracks. You\'re better off monitoring your playing at your mixer before the signal gets into the computer. I achieve this using my Delta Omni I/O box, which acts as my mixer.

    As it was explained to me, Cubase (and most other pro-level DAW software) automatically adjusts the position of recorded signals to account for latency when recording tracks. So as long as you play in time with your other tracks, Cubase will take care of the rest for you.

    I believe what I will need to do is run the GS machine sound card\'s analog outputs to the Omni I/O for monitoring when GS is being triggered via MIDI from Cubase and then run the S/PDIF outputs of the GS sound card into the S/PDIF inputs of the Cubase sound card to record the tracks in Cubase while staying in the digital realm. I hope that this is how it will work.

    Does anyone else who has actually done this have anything to add here? Again, I\'m only speculating from what I\'ve learned about Cubase and GS so far and my system is not yet complete.

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    Re: Can you tell me if this sounds ok please?

    Hmm... so maybe my idea of using cubase as a real-time mixer is a bit flawed!?
    I was hoping to use cubase as my real-time mixer and fx box essentially, taking the raw signals from GS and other plug-in VST synths, apply fx to them and output them without the need for any external mixing desk. i.e. I keep my set-up to just 1x (or more) Gigastudios running on separate PCs (essentially behaving like synths), sending their signal back into cubase on a separate PC in real time, applying any effects etc. Surely the latency should be good enough for that? Maybe I\'m hoping? If so, I\'ll have to consider running my GS into a separate digital external mixer... I just thought that was no longer necessary... maybe I should visit the cubase.net forums and ask the chaps there?

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    Re: Can you tell me if this sounds ok please?

    I don\'t think that you will be very happy using Cubase as your mixer. You will definitely run into latency issues - especially if you start inserting plug-in effects on the channels, even if they are VST plug-ins. The plug-in effects in Cubase are not intended to be used real-time on input signals. They are meant to be applied during the mix-down process. ASIO drivers just aren\'t to the point where it can effectively pull this off. The only software recording solution I\'m aware of that claims to be able to do this effectively is Cakewalk SONAR using WDM drivers. Cakewalk claims that you can use real-time effects on input signal with low latency. However, I don\'t know that they mean you can do this with multiple inputs at simultaneously with multiple effects.

    The cubase mixer is adequate for mixing down your recorded tracks, but I believe using it as a real-time mixer would just be an exercise in frustration. I even know people who use sound cards with 16 or so outputs and run all their Cubase tracks into a hardware mixer like a Yamaha O2R to mix down to avoid using the Cubase mixer. Most of these people just like the feel of a hardware mixer but some also want to avoid the latency caused by using plug-ins in Cubase and prefer to use outboard rack gear for processing.

    In short, if you are looking for a real-time mixing/signal processing solution, I think you will do better to look at hardware solutions than in trying to use your sound card and Cubase to mix and apply effects. It may be a bit more expensive, but the results will be much more to your liking. If you are looking for a digital recording and MIDI sequencing solution, then Cubase is a great choice!

    All of this is IMHO, and I am not nearly as seasoned as some of the other people on this forum, so take it for what it\'s worth. I just know that I wouldn\'t want to rely on Cubase as a real-time mixer due to the latency issue.

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