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Topic: 50 sec film & music

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    Smile 50 sec film & music

    I directed and edited the opening sequence for a filmfestival for children.
    Of course I also took the opportunity to do the score But not Spy-Fi music this time.
    Used some kids, a broken mirror, a filmcamera and Ewql Gold etc...
    http://www.pingpongfilm.com/buff2005/wmv/buff_large.wmv (windows media player)
    http://www.pingpongfilm.com/buff2005...buff_large.mov (quicktime)
    http://www.pingpongfilm.com/buff2005/real/buff_large.rm (realvideo)

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    Re: 50 sec film & music

    Jeeze, I just responded to your spy music thread because it was so cool and now this! Fantastic video piece! Absolutely fantastic! You are one talented guy!

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: 50 sec film & music

    I hope you will take this as constructive criticism, which is what this is meant to be, from an experienced tv/film composer. This music is far too ominous for what is taking place in the scene. Dial it back a little.
    Composer, Logic Certified Trainer, Level 2,
    author of "Going Pro with Logic Pro 9."


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    Re: 50 sec film & music

    I thought it was great!

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    Re: 50 sec film & music

    I thought it was great, too. I did not have the same reaction to the ominous tone of the music. For me, it fits well...very tongue in cheek.

    Very nice effects and painting of the light beams, too.

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    Smile Re: 50 sec film & music

    Thanks for listening and the feedback
    You are absolutely right Ashermusic. I know I went a bit overkill here but I couldn´t resist
    But since it was the opening sequence and it was also shown before each film during the festival
    it felt that it needed to be different from the other films. If it was a normal scene from a film it would be totally too much.
    Also when I got the idea for the film I thought of music that sounded something like that. But of course it never sounds like it does in my head, hehe.
    But Im not a pro composer - just a happy amateur who loves making music. But when I make my own small films I also likes to do the music. It helps adding my style/vision/fingerprint to the film I think. Also everything I do is so üüüber low budget that I couldn´t afford to hire a composer anyway.
    Not yet atleast...

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    Smile Re: 50 sec film & music

    Steve, you're a very talented man.

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    Red face Re: 50 sec film & music

    Thanks Nick

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    Re: 50 sec film & music

    beautiful cinematography and nice score to!

    Would you care to offer any notes on how you got such a high-end look - camera, crew-up, etc.?

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    Re: 50 sec film & music

    Beautiful piece of work here man,Music could have been a little lighter,but it does have some Magic,which suits the film well.
    Great Stuff.

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