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Topic: GS3 Maximum Useable Memory?

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    GS3 Maximum Useable Memory?

    What is the maximum useable memory in GS3?

    I ask because with 2gig of ram GS3 is giving me running out memory errors when only half of that is used up. I can't get it to use more than about 1gig with XP and SP2 on a Dell 5160 P4 laptop. I don't know if this is a Giga thing or a windows thing. I can use the remaining memory for VStack and stuff but GS seems to hit a brick wall.

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    Re: GS3 Maximum Useable Memory?

    That's the situation. It's a Windows limitation.

    You might get a bit more if you run Giga's memory optimizer and try the various settings. Also, freeing up memory on boot up might help. Here are some Windows optimizations to consider. I use the videoguys tweaks:



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    Re: GS3 Maximum Useable Memory?

    You can search for composer22 on this site and see some of the history here.

    It's a windows limitation. At most, with memory tweaking, you can get only about 1150 MB of usable ram with GIGA

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    Re: GS3 Maximum Useable Memory?

    65-66% of the total memory is the max. jc

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    Re: GS3 Maximum Useable Memory?

    Wow I didn't know that....

    I'll just have to put more stuff through Vstack and Kontakt Players etc. Thanks, it saves an awful lot of headscratching anyway!

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    Re: GS3 Maximum Useable Memory?

    When you max out, how much does your memory reader say in GS?

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    Re: GS3 Maximum Useable Memory?

    well.... just been playing with the configuration tool.

    Big mistake...

    I can get it up to 65% BUT... the system is completely flakey and I had to reinstall giga from scratch. Even now menus keep disappearing etc ... Also although I can run more memory in giga I can no longer run VStack at the same time. Using the normal windows xp default setting the config tool says I am getting 35%!! I may have to live with that for the time being till I get some downtime to sort it out. We Mac people find this all very perplexing...

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    Re: GS3 Maximum Useable Memory?

    A friend of mine is experiencing something quite similar (or worse).

    Look here (go to GS Topics and look for the thread "Giga Killed my PC".

    I did the same but I guess I had more luck. I got 67% memory in GS and XP still seems to be running fine ... But for how long? How come it works for some and not for everyone?


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    Re: GS3 Maximum Useable Memory?

    So why can I load VStack with Kontakt players until it fills 100% of the free memory?

    The task manager shows the VStack programme running at over 1.5gbs before it gives up! While GS3 can only manage a few hundred Mbs?

    It is something to do with GS not just the windows XP problem.

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    Re: GS3 Maximum Useable Memory?

    Quote Originally Posted by flashman
    It is something to do with GS not just the windows XP problem.
    gigastudio is running on kernel level. this gives us a better performance and latency. but the kernel level is limited to 2gb and for gigastudio not much more then 1.1gb is usable. the problem is that you never know how much is available and probably thats why tascam changed the memory meter (from 2.5to3) in that way that if the for gigastudio usable kernel memory is full it still sayes only 60-70%. although 1.1gb is the limit it still allows more samples to be loaded into ram then with gs2.5 and konatkt too.
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