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Topic: Loading whole giga file

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    Loading whole giga file

    My Giga system doesn;t seem to be set up correctly.

    I am sure that in the past, that if I loaded up a whole Giga file, then all of the Instruments in it would automatically populate consecutive midi channels ..... (or if "STACKED" was set, they would all load as stacked instruments into one channel.

    At the moment, when I load an entire Giga file, all instruments are loaded into memory, but only one is actually allocated to a midi channel ???

    Am I doing something wrong ?

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    Re: Loading whole giga file

    That's the correct behavior. If you expand the gig to see all of the instruments, clicking on them will send the instrument to a single channel (next channel, stack channel, or overwrite the channel, which is "audition mode").

    Clicking on a whole gig loads everything into memory, where they can be accessed with a program change, but only one instrument is loaded into the target channel.


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    Re: Loading whole giga file

    I'm certain it loaded them into consective channels in GS2.5.

    Is there no way to replicate this behaviour ?

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    Re: Loading whole giga file

    Are you sure you're not thinking of opening a gig file (through the file menu) instead of loading it through quicksound? My memory is rusty as I didn't do it much, but I think that's how one did it in 2.5 and that it shoudl be the same in 3. I don't think you could ever just click on the gig file and load all of its patches into sequential tracks, but again, I didn't have to do that so I don't properly remember.

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    Re: Loading whole giga file

    I don't remember it working that way in GS2.5 either, but I could be wrong. I no longer have a 2.5 machine to test it on.

    There is this cute little trick with the GM150 and GM500 libs though: Drag a general MIDI file onto GigaStudio. It reads the MIDI file and populates the channels with the correct instruments (assuming that you have the GMXX0 file path set correctly.) It also launches the sequencer, which then launches the MIDI file.

    It's a cool way to populate lots of channels for GM, though it doesn't help you to load all of the files in a gig to sequential channels...


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    Re: Loading whole giga file

    I have 2.54. (no plans on upgrading either ). This is confirmed. When you load a gig file it loads all instruments into memory but ONLY assigns it to a particular channel requested (if at all). You can load and NOT assign anything. Patch changes affect what is assigned to the channel

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    Re: Loading whole giga file

    okay, thanks everyone ... must be a faulty memory I have.

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