"Spitzer said Sony BMG's efforts to win more airplay took many forms, including outright bribes of cash and electronics to radio stations and paying for contest giveaways for listeners. In other cases, he said, Sony BMG used middlemen known as independent promoters to funnel cash to radio stations.

The attorney general called the system more sophisticated than the 1950s and '60s payola scandals, most of which involved direct payments of cash to DJs in exchange for airplay.

"This is a more formalized, more corporatized structure to get the same result," he said. He added, "I feel a little like Bill Murray in the movie 'Groundhog Day,'" a story about a cynical weatherman who is forced to continuously relive the worst day of his life."

A 3-page article, pretty interesting I think. It shows us one side of the bloated marketing suck-entity. Garbage in, garbage out. And they wonder why more listeners are not fulfilled by the flavor of the month?