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Topic: HDSP 9632

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    HDSP 9632

    I have DAW which up until now have used exclusively for GS3 without any problems. The soundcard is an RME9632.

    Today I received VGP but cannot get any sound from it. When I check the midi output settings, they are all defaulting to Giga out (ports1-8) I also have no sound from my sound canvas when trying to play midi files...all midi is routed through Gigastudio.
    I checked the setting in control panel/sound audio devices/audio/midi music playback, and the only items listed are Giga out (ports1-8)
    Any clues anyone on how to get midi playback from my HDSP9632 apart from GS3

    any clues appreciated


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    Re: HDSP 9632

    With some help from a mate, I uninstalled the HDSP9632 driver and reinstalled it.....and all is working fine

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