I\'ve recently upgraded my studio with new computer and 1296
After I power up GigaStudio, it swithces its sample rate as 96kHz then there\'s some annoying sounds just like feedback comes out of output
Also in the hardware settings, there\'s only 88/96 options for sample rate.
Everyother software (Cubase VST32 5, ACID Pro 3.0, NativeInstruments B4) works fine
so I suspect the problem is 1296-specific.

Here\'s my setup
P4 1.4GHz, 512RAM, E-IDE 60G for programs
SCSI 30G for samples
OS : WinMe
GigaStudio 2.20.42
MOTU 1296 (new driver from MOTU website loaded)

Anyone using 1296 with GigaStudio successfully, please help me