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Topic: Is it best to use a sequencer?

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    Is it best to use a sequencer?

    My brother gave me SONAR Producers version. I was wondering if it would make my pieces sound more refined.

    Thanks in advance.
    Chef Marco Teti
    (Fine Replicated swords)

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    Re: Is it best to use a sequencer?

    Sonar as opposed to what?
    From what I've heard, Sonar is a GREAT sequencer.

    As opposed to a notation program, a sequencer offers many useful things, like being able to draw in controllers. This can yeild more natural sounding dynamics and stuff. Sequencers also let you use the Garritan VSTi instead of GPO studio, which means that if you have a weaker CPU you can let your computer take its time when mixing down the final audio file instead of GPO studio recording everything in real time. This is especially useful with my P4 1.8 ghz machine. GPO studio playback can get choppy and skippy in the tuttis and complex parts.

    With a sequencer you can also do audio editing, which means you can EQ the garritan sounds if you want, or make a distortion violin (very cool! ).

    If you got this as a gift, by all means, take advantage of it!! I have Music Creator and I can only imagine how much better Sonar must be!

    Happy composing!

    EDIT: And with a sequencer it is easier to add little nuances like slightly uneven note start/stop times, and stuff like that.

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    Re: Is it best to use a sequencer?

    Overture 4 offers drawing in CC data and has VST support, so you could use EQ in there. I think Overture 4 is the way to go. It is in final stages of betatesting.

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