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Topic: OT: Any idea what SciFi ASCAP royalties are?

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    OT: Any idea what SciFi ASCAP royalties are?

    I think someone here mentioned they had done a SciFi show. I'm getting screwed on a show there and am debating with myself whether to tell them to yank out all my music. But if the royalties are decent, maybe I should keep a cooler head about it.

    My usual ASCAP rep is out and the main switchboard people there are useless. Anybody have any numbers they could share? This particular show is primetime. Thanks!

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: OT: Any idea what SciFi ASCAP royalties are?

    It's about $6/minute for primetime BI. Pretty low - almost HBO low...

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    Re: OT: Any idea what SciFi ASCAP royalties are?


    I guess the question is, if they're screwing you over right now, do you think they will do their job and deliver the cue sheets to the appropriate people or will you just get lost in the shuffle?

    Also, do you get to keep publisher's share?

    In the past my Sci/Fi Channel royalties have amounted to several thousands, and that was before they started recycling the crap out of stuff and playing the same shows over and over....so I suppose they could add up considerably over time.

    It's also a question of principle depending how much those guys are screwing with you....are they not paying what they were supposed to?
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    Re: OT: Any idea what SciFi ASCAP royalties are?

    Thanks for the input, guys! $6/minute for primetime is about as specific an answer as I could hope for!

    This whole job has been the biggest jerk-around I've ever done. At some point when I have time to double and triple check my writing to make sure I don't get myself in trouble, I'll post the whole experience.

    I'm not sure if there's a lesson in it, because this nightmare has been truly unique (exception rather than the rule), but it could be a cautionary tale for someone else, especially with SciFi in particular.

    - Mike Greene

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