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Topic: Kontakt Volume

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    Kontakt Volume

    I'm using the latest version of Kontakt as a DXI in Sonar 3. Is there any way to calibrate the volume slider in Sonar with the volume control in a Kontakt instrument. At the moment when the slider is at 127 in Sonar it will go no further than 0db in Kontakt. Ideally I would like max volume in Sonar to push the volume control in Kontakt to max. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Kontakt Volume

    you have to activate the option "Use Std CC#7 /CC#10 Volume & Pan" option in the virtual instrument, and then, RESTART IT.

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    Re: Kontakt Volume

    If you select "Auto" and "MIDI" then select CC7 you can change the range per group in an instrument. It seems to default to 63 percent maximun. If you change the max to 100 your K2 slider will go higher than 0dB. Since you're using SONAR you might consider keeping your headroom and just adjusting the trim on the audio track instead.
    Ben N. Moore

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