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Topic: GS3 Global Tuning

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    GS3 Global Tuning

    Forgive me if Ive missed something obvious, but is there a way of changing the overall general tuning of GS3? I work with orchestras in europe who tune to 442 or 443 and I don't want to have to retune every one of my sample programmes if possible.

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    Re: GS3 Global Tuning

    Huh -- good question. Can't find anywhere to do that. Nothing so obvious as the "master tune" in kontakt. Worth sending a request to tascam for this, you'd think, since it should be easy to implement and valuable occasionally. Can imagine you not wanting to change the pitch of all your instruments, nor to duplicate them for different areas.

    Standardized pitch bend would provide a work around, probably, though it converts more readily to cents than to hertz.

    Of course, in real life matching orchestral pitch is MUCH more than just agreeing on the starting tuning.

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    Re: GS3 Global Tuning

    Absolutely but if its live orchestra plus smaples the backing tracks need to be close enough. I've tried getting European orchestras to tuine to 440 - unmitigated disaster!

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