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Topic: GPO Sound..

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    GPO Sound..

    Hello All. My Name is jeff Eitzen and I am from the Bay Area of California. I work mainly with song writers and artist who are putting their Demos and Albums together. I purchased GPO a month or so ago and started digging into it. So far so good. I ran into a challenge and would like some help. I brought some music home from my office studio to my home studio which is pretty much the exact same setup - G4 running DP4.6 into a DA7. All the sounds sounded great until I brought them home. They sound harsh and brittle here, almost like they are experiencing phase cancelation or something. It there something I am missing, a controller making it do something different?
    Thanks I appreicate the help.


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    Re: GPO Sound..

    Quote Originally Posted by JeffEitzen
    They sound harsh and brittle here, almost like they are experiencing phase cancelation or something.
    Hi Jeff, are you using GPO the same way at home, and are you using the same equipment?

    I use GPO and DP too, let me know so I can help you figure this out.


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    Re: GPO Sound..

    DP. thankks for the reply. Yes I am using pretty much the exact same system. AS a matter of fact i upgraded both systems one right after the other 3 weeks ago to Tiger. The only thing that is differnt is the controller -JX 10 at home - XP-80 and XV-88 at work. However I just played it back. My first thought was that my JX was sending some sort of weird aftertouch or something. Things sound almost over compressed - just harsh. I am listening to other peoples demos and they sound normal.
    Any ideas?


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    Re: GPO Sound..


    This is a strange one. One possibility: If you record something to a midi track and examine the midi data do you see a single piece of data for each event or is the data doubled up (duplicated) for each event - two of everything? If you did happen to see duplicate data perhaps your keyboard is either sending or your system is routing double data to your track - and then passing it on to the GPO player. Double data will definitely cause strange sounding behavior. Worth a check.


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    Re: GPO Sound..

    Ok got it. ... You were right about the double midi notes. For some reason I didn't see it. Watching the midi monitor showed it. For Some reason my JX-10 was transmitting 2 notes. Thanks for the help. Its sounding much better!

    Thanks Again,



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    Re: GPO Sound..

    I am glad Tom got you going. Thanks Tom!
    I scroll through this forum looking for posts without a response, in other words, people needing help, that is just my way of giving back to a great community. Unfortunately sometimes I ask for a more detailed description of a users problem, and then fail to respond, my apology.


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    Re: GPO Sound..

    Yes, Thank you Tom and to you DPDan. I have a friend that has a saying that a goes. "THe Difficult we always see, the Obvious we eventually get to." Being a part of places like this and DA7.com really help us see the solutions we are missing.
    Thanks again.
    Peace to you!

    Jeff E

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