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Topic: 2408MkII & Windows ME

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    2408MkII & Windows ME

    Hello All,

    Just resently switch out my Layla 20 bit soundcard for the MOTU 2408MkII w/current drivers running under Windows ME. I had no problems prior to the switch but now, the 2408 won\'t show up in Giga at all and MOTU\'s PC support is awful!!

    Has anybody been down this road?
    Any suggestions would be great!!

    \"Dedicated Giga\" System:
    GigaStudio 160
    P3 800 w/Abit BE6-2 Motherboard
    786mb ram
    Windows ME
    Netgear LAN Ethernet card
    MOTU Fastlane USB Midi

    Thank you,

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    Re: 2408MkII & Windows ME


    I am going to be watching you real close to see the outcome of this. I am currently runing a Darla24, but want to upgrade to the Motu 2408 as well. I especially need it because I need both an 8 analog and 8 TDIF output to my Tascam TM-D100 digital mixer. Until we both find some answers, I would suggest two things in the meantime. Go to Motu tech support and make them aware of the issue via email or phone. Sometimes forums don\'t keep the creators in the loop. They may have a quick answer. Also check with Gigastudio website tech support. When I usually write to customers like MOTU, I usually throw the pitch telling them that the Gigastudio user base is far too large to be overlooked and that the Gigastudio customers will flock to the nearest/best solution to use their tools. Finally, whine to Tascam. If they want to interface their Gigastudio product more flexibly, maybe they will come up with a soundcard to interface with a majority of the demanded solutions. If I find out anything, of course, I will let you know.

    The world would be a better place if Gigastudio would simply recognize MORE THAN ONE SOUNCARD simultaneously (like Sonar). Then we could by two Darla cards or something like that.

    Take care,

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    Re: 2408MkII & Windows ME

    The new WDM driver is ONLY compatible with GigaStudio 2.2. You need to download the patch from nemesys -> Version 2.20.42.

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    Re: 2408MkII & Windows ME

    Thanks abi,

    That was exactly it. I was still using 2.0.XXX. Everything is now up and running great!!


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    Re: 2408MkII & Windows ME

    Hot D@#%

    I am gonna jump on the 2408MkII now. By the way, how many outputs are you using simultaneously?


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    Re: 2408MkII & Windows ME

    Hey jb3,

    I\'m only using 10 outputs, 8 ADAT lightpipe into my Pro Tools and 2 analog for monitoring through my console.


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    Re: 2408MkII & Windows ME

    At first I didn\'t believe that MOTU can make driver this stable & fast. I\'m now a happy giga-er. I used to run gigastudio via my cheapo sblive cuz I couldn\'t make use of my MOTU.. the old driver really sucked. And this new one just rocks!

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    Re: 2408MkII & Windows ME

    The new drivers rock!!
    Latency is down..
    I found it better to unload the 324 old drivers first load the new drivers then add the giga update to 2.2042.. Everything is cool.. Eccept I couldn\'t try the Motu buffer setting to 64 anymore.. The lowest is 128 now.. Not bitching though..

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